Do You Spend More on Your Ralph Lauren Shirt?


When it comes to American clothing, Ralph Lauren is the first brand that be thought of. It is not only favored by many Americans, but also people of other countries received this brand as a high-end brand, wearing its products to different occasions such as golf courses and some exclusive clubs. Quality and style of Ralph Lauren are definitely stylish. Yet, its price is not low as well. Generally, only those from middle class can buy Ralph Lauren without effort.

That’s sure that an international brand charges expensive prices for its production. But why Ralph Lauren charge so high? And can you get cheap Ralph Lauren? I have to admit that its expensive price in a large extent resulted from the effect of famous brand. It is obvious that two shirts of same look and quality but with different logos will differ greatly in price. Therefore, most of your money for a Ralph Lauren shirt is spending on its reputation. And there must have shirts of good quality or better than Ralph Lauren shirt charge lower. That’s why you can search cheap Ralph Lauren online. Let’s see the above case.

Suppose a Ralph Lauren producer should pay an American labor with 10 dollars for producing a replica polo shirt, then you, as a consumer, should at least pay for 10 dollars for a Ralph Lauren shirt from this producer. Of course, any other cost of producing this shirt is neglected. See another case. In Pakistan, only 5 cents are needed to pay for the labor producing the same item. So, if you are the Ralph Lauren producer, which country will choose for your factory? If you are the buyer, which businessman do you choose for your Ralph Lauren shirt? If you want to get cheap Ralph Lauren, your answer must be the latter one.

Actually, what I said above is a simplified case. And doing business is a matter of more complicated. What I want to tell you is that you can get cheap Ralph Lauren of good quality outside Ralph Lauren official website.


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