Breitling Navitimer Chrono-Matic QP Is In The Limelight

Watch-making house, Breitling is well-known for its sophisticated watches which are always designed for “instruments for professionals”. From the exterior to the interior escapement, Breitling watches always impress people that they are finished from the complicated and exquisite craftsmanship by the high-end technology, and which is actually the truth.

To Breitling watches experts and enthusiasts, the Navitimer collection must be not the strange phrase. Breitling Navitimer series watches are well-received by the world for their super complicated watches structures and performances. Among this collection, the Breitling Chrono-Matic QP is even in the limelight.

Same to other models in the collection of Navitimer, Chrono-Matic QP also sports the Breitling’s trademark rotating bezel with circular slide ruler. The diameter of the case is as hefty as 49 mm, which embodies the item with the unique overwhelmed exterior. Most stunningly, there are four sub-dials which are symmetrically ranked on the dial. Compared to the asymmetry sub-dials, most watches professionals with the distinguished tastes prefer to the symmetrical pieces.

In fact, the whole design of the Chrono-Matic QP is inspired from the 70’s. The 18kt red gold material successfully helps it to achieve the exquisite elegance and gorgeousness. Powered by the sophisticated COSC-certified Caliber 29 automatic in-house movement which contains 38 jewels, 28,800 bph and 500 parts, this model is definitely boasting the exceptional art work. The 42-hours power reserve and 30-meters water resistance is also the marvelous features that have attracted numerous timepieces lovers. The black rubber strap complements its incomparable precision and excellence.
Breitling Chrono-Matic QP is a limited edition of only 125 models available in the world. The model includes two versions: the black dial piece and the Panamerican bronze dial item. Flaunting with the maximum precision, reliability and functionality, Breitling Chrono-Matic QP really deserves for the life long collection and investment.

Why Breitling Navitimer Watches are Special?

Some of the Breitling watches are special timepieces compare with those of other famous brands like Omega and Rolex. The Breitling Navitimer watch is a good example. It is not an exaggeration to say that this timepiece is a masterpiece of the company. At the same time, it is the most practical and durable timepieces of the company. It is so special that most people are impressed by it. Watch collectors and aviators all love it because of its uniqueness. Why is it special?
Firstly, it is a real aviator watch. Even though many manufacturers claim that they produce timepieces for aviators, few of them can produce real aviator timepieces. Breitling is a famous manufacturer which is known for these excellent timepieces. Such a timepiece is different from others with special functions and design. The Breitling navitimer is one of the most famous aviator timepieces in the world. It has been known by people for over 150 years! It is a great accessory and tool for those professional aviators.
Secondly, it is a timepiece with special meanings. It has different versions for people to choose. One of the most special pieces is the one which is made for the 125th anniversary of Breitling. It is a glamorous timepiece which has two versions: one has a black and bronze dial and the other one has a silver or black dial. This is just one of the special pieces of Breitling navitimer. In fact, there are many other unique watches. All of them are meaningful pieces that mark the important events of the company.
And some watches of the Navitimer have unique features. One of the latest Navitimer versions is a good example. It is a piece with a special movement. It is powered by the Breitling 26 caliber. The movements are certified that beat over a frequency of 288800 vibrations. They are powered reserved for 48 hours. This is a good piece for all aviators. And there are different timepieces that suit different people.
All of the Breitling navitimer mark the high technology and excellent skills of watch manufacturing of the company. That is another reason why they are unique. They have complex movements. They are valuable accessories. Besides aviators, many other people are also attracted by their great charms.
The Breitling navitimer is worth to mention when it comes to high-end and advanced timepieces. It is a special piece which will be remembered forever by people of the watch manufacturing industry.

Terrific Flight Watch, Breitling Navitimer

Breitling, a watch brand that was created by Leon Breitling in Switzerland in 1884. The watches own exact timing functions and they can calculate the speed and fuel consumption precisely. Breitling watches attract lots of consumers because of its accurate watchmaking and superb functions. I must mention that its theme products are Navitimer, Aeromarine, Professional and Windrider series of men and women watches. And in 2010, Breitling launched the Superocean series. Here, I mainly introduce to you the Navitimer series.

Navitimer, the watch series that just for pilots. The series of watches use Titanium stainless steel bracelet and case, whose surface is three-dimensional nickel Arabic watch time-scale and it can show the date and time. Also, the watches can time precisely. What’s the most important, the watches have the ring slide computing rule that it can easily calculate the landing climb speed, fuel consumption, average speed and distance. However, until 1967, Navitimer officially changed its name to Cosmonaute, becoming another series of Breitling watches.

The pilots will fall in love with the series Navitimer not only for its wonderful appearance, but also for its timing devices within the cockpit which provides them a great convenience. This watch can quickly and easily read the total amount of time spent from a transpoint to another. And this feature is very useful, especially when the pilots traveling in a private airline according to the normal safe flying rules. In addition, the carving of the watch is very beautiful. In the case bottom of sunken part is printed and signed the Breitling logo. The other part of case have been perfectly processed. Pointer and the dial are also the excellent workmanship. Button is extremely delicate, dial and pointer are polished perfectly. What’s more, the glass surface draws so much attention, the bottom shell is also charming, it is absolutely consonant with the style of sport watch.

Wonderful Navitimer is the best flight table, all the advantages have been perfectly showed. The successful design, perfect performance, and powerful functions, Navitimer is a terrific flight watch that meets all the needs of the pilots.