Breitling Superocean Wrist Watch, the Best Partner For Diver

Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven natural landscapes in the world, and is also called “The Transparent Wild Kingdom in the Sea”. Thousands of tourists come to Queensland to take a glimpse of this “Wild Kingdom in the Sea” every year. However, many tourists could not fully enjoy the beauty of Great Barrier Reef, for they lack the understanding to it, and do not make enough preparation both on material and spirit.
The most wonderful admirable part of Great Barrier Reef is under water. Consequently, if the tourists want to completely enjoy the appearance of Great Barrier Reef, they must go under the seawater. So, the tourists need to prepare the necessary diving tools before they go to Great Barrier Reef. Of course, a good underwater watch is indispensable for diver. It could exactly record our dive duration, and insure our safety in water. For example, we would first make sure how long the oxygen cylinder could be continually used for before we go under water, and we could know at any time how much longer the oxygen cylinder could hold out by underwater watch.
The pressure under water is always higher than that above water. Furthermore, the deeper the water is, the higher the pressure is. As a result, the diving activity has higher requirements on underwater watch. Breitling Superocean wrist watch is especially designed for diving activity. This Breitling watch is made of steel alloy which is formidably resistant to corrosion As the case of this watch is cast by metal bars, it can withstand a great deal of punishment, and can bear a series of high-pressure press.
The huge pressure of seawater is the formidable challenge for any glass of underwater watch. As the watch glass is normally made of sapphire crystal which is not as firm as watch case, it is easily broken as a result of huge pressure of seawater. Breitling Superocean wrist watch adopts the high-hardness anti-scratch sapphire crystal and transverse supercharging device to resist the huge pressure of seawater, so that the glass of Breitling Superocean watch would not be broken as a result of seawater pressure. This supercharging device would accordingly increase the pressure inside the watch along with the increase of diving depth, and it could withstand at most the seawater pressure in the 1500-m depth. In addition, Breitling Superocean is equipped with good-sized hands and luminous scale. Consequently, the display of watch is still clearly visible even in the dark deep sea.

Breitling Superocean Heritage 2010 Collection

If you ask me what are my favorite retro style diver watches, I will answer without any any hesitations-Breitling Superocean Heritage watches. The new watch offerings in the collection this year come with an array of different color schemes for the dial and the bezel. Both the new basic Superocean Heritage watches and the new Superocean Heritage Chronograph models display the color tricks. If my memory serves me correct, it was the limited edition Superocean Heritage bi-compax Chronograph (an experimental limited edition launched last year) that started this trend.
Here I present some of these Breitling Superocean Heritage watches. The basic Superocean pictured here toggle my soul with its beautiful black dial and fresh rotating diver’s bezel in green bezel. The chronograph model that has blue dial and black bezel looks great as well. If the two model could not satisfy you, there are other options avaialable. Personally, I think these new watches with beautiful colors greatly enrich the standard Superocean Heritage collection
On the market, the large (46mm at diameter) Superocean Heritage watches are the most well- received, though Breiting watch also provides a smaller model featuring a small seconds subdial. Some small versions also come with two-tone treatment as well. Except the color changes, the new Superocean Heritage watches are basically same as the standard models. But still they are important compliment to the collection. If you have not bought one, but have been comparing for a time should check these new Breitling Superocean Heritage watches now- you may find the right one for you.