Roger Dubuis Watch – First Luxury Watch

Excellent performance of Roger Dubuis has been scrambled by watch collectors, and many customers could not stop the seducing of Roger Dubuis watch. What kind of advantages can make this brand shine unordinary rays? Strong diligence and power are the driving force for Roger Dubuis to surpass other brands.
Cal. RD98
All components of this series are handmade by in-house workshops, which can satisfy needs of precision, and pursuit for aesthetics. This watch owns double guarantee of the Observatory and Geneva stamp, which signifies that watch-making technique and aesthetic level of Roger Dubuis has reached the summit.
Additionally this series is not exaggerated in the unmatchable classic model, which is suitable for people in low profile. Furthermore, perfect technique structure and unique designing concept can give this watch more enchanting testament.
Golden Square Women’s Watch
Square is not only classic but also bears enchanting and fantasy magic. And it is said that square contains endless mysterious power, which can bring good luck to wearers. This Golden series can convey classic and eternal meaning by superb traditional watch-making technology and simple design.
However, although the style is simple, this series still contains unique DNA of Roger Dubuis. Round pointers are hiding inside square dial, and the Roman numerals have been processed specially which can build out visual shocking. Thus unique and elegant urban style can take us professional and confident mastering.
Excaliber JFK
This new launch is quite younger than other watch brands, but its noble testament has been outstanding among crowds of top class of luxury watches. Strong and conspicuous style can leave deep impression on many watch fans. This series is produced in limited edition to reflect the pursuit for perfect luxury life attitude. Owning of such a watch with high quality can show off our unique taste and status.