The Most Expensive Watch in The World


7370000 RMB, what a surprising number! What matches this price is not a set of splendid house, nor is the top-class car, but a waist watch from Swiss. The watches displayed together with it are more than one dozen with different styles. During the display, Blanc-Pain watch in 1735 was shining in the lamplight. Though there was o diamond on the surface of it, the high price of it still made it admired by many watch preservers all over the world.

Blanc-Pain, together with Omega and Longines are under the umbrella of Swatch set. And the prices ranges from 50000 to 7000000. More and more luxuries come to Chen Du for its valuable market, for Chen Du has as much competence of buying luxury as Beijing and ShangHai. The watches displayed in BeiJjing can be regarded as top products, many of which are the first style in the world with many new function and features.

The global vice CEO of Blanc-Pain said that the prices of high quality had gone up since China government adjusted the consumption tax of watch. For the selling balance of the brand in the Asia- Pacific market, the prices in Singapore and Malaysia would be adjusted with the change in china market.

Karussel of Blanpain Watch – Return of Classic Legend

It takes one year to custom-make this Karussel watch with outstanding meaning, which has been the first modern watch collected by many collectors. Karussel has been one of the permanent proposition in the watch industry since its birth in the year of 1892. A timepiece of Blanpain is as valuable as other famous Swiss timepieces such as Omega, Breitling etc. However, Blanpain re-explained this proposition. And the new Karussel watch of Blanpain has become a new topic of watch industry, which shows a return of classic legend.

Early Karussel watch has to spend a few minutes and even few hours to finish one period, while Karussel watch made by Blanpain only needs 60 seconds to finish one rotation with great accuracy, which requires its accuracy of components and structural elements to challenge the extreme of watch-making technique and artic aesthetics. And it is shocked that there is no any other watch brand which can innovate and update Karussel watch by Blanpain since its birth in 1892. Furthermore, to outstand this characteristic, Blanpain invents conspicuous outlook matched well with its superb techniques. The watch dial of 45mm in diameter, unprecedented big size, embossment technique inlayed in the watch head, and black crocodile leather watch strap.
The floating tourbillion equipped inside this watch not only can drive the moving of pointers, but also can have function of date display. This watch has 21800 oscillation frequency each hour and 100 hours of energy storage. And this watch has unique correction system invented by itself which can adjust date display. This practical and aesthetic adjustment function can guarantee the beautiful and graceful outlook and can give users the biggest convenience. Additionally, Karussel of Blanpain also has two power lines which can supply energy to escarpment system and covering system, thus the operation of watch would be more stable.

Blanpain proves a fact that Karussel can also have perfect rotating speed of 1 minute for one circle, balance wheel can also be put inside the centre of frame, and Karussel can also be at the same size with watch.